Seek and measure lens cener thickness only an exact point you 


Lens Center Thickness Gauge

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Now fast and  non-contact lens center thickness measurement is available along with H(Sagmeasurement.  Also  go no-go decision function and measurement certificate output are included.

Feature ①

Lens center thickness needs to be measured accurately without contacting the surface.  



The unprecedented machine eliminating the problems of the contact-type measuring machine   


Although the lens center thickness is clearly defined in the drawing, it is impossible to measure the center thickness accurately. Furthermore, in the design of the optical system, smaller spacing between the lenses is now required. Such a trend requires accurate center thickness measurements but the primary method of measurement is the contact type. The biggest problem of the contact type measurement is the creation of a contact mark and the difficulty in defining the point for measurement.    


←  Contact-type measurement commonly used

Feature ①-1  Non-Contacting Measurement

Our machine allows automatic non-contacting measurement 

( Patent Pending )


【  G-Freude’s unique method of analysis of  lens center thickness - HYPAS  】


 High-intensity multi-color confocal displacement sensor and high-precision encoder for Z-axis displacement are used. Automatic detection is possible using our unique thickness analysis system HyPAS (Hybrid Peak Analysis System).


【 Measuring principle and method  】

 The displacement sensor moves up and down smoothly along the two LM Guides located at the back of the machine. The system can measure a wide range of the thicknesses in combination with the measured value by the sensor.                                

【 Convex and Concave Lenses  】

Change in lens thickness can be detected by measuring displacement in the direction away from the WD in the case of a convex lens and in the direction toward the WD in the case of a concave lens.                                    

Feature ①-2 High-Speed Measurement



Evolution for high-speed measurement 


【  Line Scan System  】

Usually, height information is obtained for each measurement by the pitch of the stage. Our machine stores all the height information, which is then counted by computing the information of equal pitch. Measurements more than ten times faster than the conventional machine are realized.  



【  Automatic Detection System   】

The lens center thickness is defined only at the point near the center of the lens. It is defined as the thickness measured at one point; accordingly, the maximum or minimum value of the X-Y scanning results provide the thickness. An automatic detection program makes identification of the thickness possible. 

Feature ①-3 3-D Map



The machine provides a visual presentation of the measured data



【  Display as a 3-D map  】

You will not be able to be confident with the result when the measured values are simply numerally presented. To be confident, a visual presentation showing that the measurement was made precisely at the center is the best approach. So the 3-D map display scheme is used. Confidence is further improved because the result is available for each measurement.