Seek and measure lens cener thickness only an exact point you 


Lens Center Thickness Gauge

  CTgauge S   /   CTgauge R

Now fast and  non-contact lens center thickness measurement is available along with H(Sagmeasurement.  Also  go no-go decision function and measurement certificate output are included.

Other features installed

Sag measurement function


Sag measurement function


【  Non-contact Sag measurement  】


Sag measurement using the contact-type plug gauge is also problematic. Can contact marks be avoided? Where is the bottom of the lens located? HYPAS, our unique analysis method of lens center thickness, also eliminates such problems. 


The high-speed, non-contacting automatic measurement provides feedback data to the lens-forming machine very quickly. It simply requires determining the lens apex position after zero-resetting using the optical flat, and the Sag value is determined. 

Other features of the software


Other features of the software


【  Useful functions of 3-D map  】


The machine provides 3-D maps of both sides of the lens surfaces, and such views can be enlarged or presented as an oblique view. 

A guide is indicated at the apex for easy identification.





【 Other features  】


The followings are some useful features in the lens making process. 



• Input of the thickness specification 

• Input of the tolerance 

• Pass /reject judgment 

• Inspector name input 

• Display of time used for measurement 



Eliminate handling of large amount of data


【  Preparation of inspection report  】


Verification and reporting is required in lens making process. To assist in such work, the machine has a function to produce the datasheet with pass/reject results recorded. 


Space saver 


【  PC mounted on the Arm Stand  】


A space needed for the PC is reduced. A vibration isolating base is not required.