Other measurements and functions in "Expanding Possibilities”

1. Small diameter lens measurement function


Small diameter lens measurement

For small-diameter lenses such as those used in microscopes, even the slightest center thickness error is severe. This system uses a dedicated holder that enables accurate measurement. 

The figure on the right shows the results of hemispherical lens measurement with a diameter of 3 mm. 



2. Non-contact ΔH measurement function


ΔH measurement function 

In the past, there was no way to measure the amount of ΔH in a "non-contact" manner, and the only way to do so was to use a depth gauge.    w


3. Software that is easy to use and ingenious


Sample centering correction function  

In the case of a small diameter lens with a small radius, the reflected light may not return properly depending on the starting position of the scan. The stage side is equipped with a function to correct this slight misalignment.  



Sample anti-collision software  

Depending on the reflectivity of the sample, the displacement transducer may move abnormally close to the sample. To prevent this movement, the height information of the sample is input in advance to prevent collision of the displacement transducer.  



  Inspection certificate 

The system can create a pass/fail judgment report for sample accuracy tolerance values required for production control.