CT gauge TOP ( ENGLISH )



Standard Model for measurement of an individual lens



Lens Center Thickness Gauge CTgauge S



When various lens types need to be measured

Every lens has a different geometry, diameter, and edge thickness. To make a special lens holder for different types of lenses is not practical. That problem is resolved by the lens holder mechanism that can center each specimen lens. It allows measurement any time you want.    


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Model for consecutive measurement with rotating lens holders



Lens Center Thickness Gauge CTgauge R



Numbers of the same specimen lenses need to be measured quickly

In the lens manufacturing process, many specimen lenses need to be measured within a short period of time. This machine can be equipped with the special feature of a rotating stage lens holder with multiple holes for specific diameters of the lenses to allow automatic center thickness measurements.  


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Measurement of thickness of the lens at the center for 8K imaging 


Next step of the single lens inspection   


Higher definition of images is increasingly used, and the lenses manufactured by the conventional process cannot produce sufficiently sharp images. The number of lenses used in the optical system is increasing, and the use of non-spherical lenses also becomes common, which require complex construction of the lens barrel.  How should the precision of the lens be improved in the future? What comes next in the inspection of the surface contour and eccentricity? 



 G-Freude’s unique method of analysis of the lens center thickness  


 High-speed measurement


 3-D map display


 Capable of consecutive measurement of many lenses